Peg Samuel is a Founder, NYU Professor, Entrepreneur, Strategic Consultant, International Author, and Advisor.


    She is a communications expert across all platforms with an innovative global reach and approach to connecting clients to the most powerful and influential disruptors via her long-established relationships.


    A digital pioneer she is always working in advance of the current trends in marketing technology. She takes complex concepts and breaks them down for mass consumer adoption.


    Specializing in building brand partnerships and business development for early-stage companies and utilizing her creative Integrated Marketing skills for a 360-approach.


    Peg Samuel has over 20 years in building businesses and digital marketing.


    As a proven thought leader and educator at New York University, Peg provides the current landscape to companies, presents the best runway, alternatives, and responsibility runway. Identifying needs for support and resources to help the company thrive.


    Peg’s prediction: being technically advanced in nature, we will see more widespread adoption as the whole ecosystem’s global importance.


    Peg Samuel is a natural-born connector. She is creative in her approach to take a client's goals and realize them within various creative tactics that create mass exposure for any brand.



    "Peg is like a Swiss Army Knife." - Drew Hyland, Papa & Barkley

    "Peg is a dynamic industry veteran with the expertise required to envision, support, and execute creative and practical strategies that achieve short, medium, & long-term PR & marketing objectives. From the moment she joined our team, she has been a strong asset with her quick, comprehensive grasp of rapidly evolving concepts in the tech space, as well as her ability to deftly navigate & steer communication across every channel & situation." - Vivian Jane Smith, Swarm



    Crypto NYC is a 100% blockchain community focused on discussions, debate, helping new-comers, as well as promoting and funding new ventures.


    We hold quarterly events topics include, NFTs, DeFi, Web3 and more.



    My SubstraPunk #7798

    Blockchain, DeFi & NFTs

    since 2017

    Peg is leading the charge of bringing celebrity talent into the NFT and DeFi gaming space.



    🎤The Conference.NFT 6/17

    🎤Global NFT Summitt 7/28-29

    🎤NFT.NYC 2021 10/20-21


    Current Projects:

    Head of Celebrity Partnerships at AnRKey X a leading NFT and Crypto gaming company revolutionizing the convergence of branded social entertainment, tokenized collectible assets, gaming, and finance.


    IVEE - On-Demand Rehydration & Vitamin IVs

    The ivee team believes in revolutionizing standard health and wellness practices. To accomplish ivee is integrating phenomenal IV treatment with groundbreaking technology to create the best user experience for ordering IV treatment. As a result, ivee is in the process of developing a mobile app, which will allow users to order IV treatment to their location at the press of a button. After the treatment is ordered, a notification is sent to our team of highly qualified registered nurses and one will be dispatched to the user's location.

    Our product is an app that connects our users to on-demand hangover-curing and wellness IV treatments at the press of a button. We believe you should be able to stay productive at all times.



    IPwe is disrupting the patent space, by taking the inefficiencies of the process and utilizing technology to streamline.


    IPwe is committed to fostering innovation by helping patent owners generate revenue and lower costs of patent ownership. With annual sales and licenses of patents estimated at more than $180 billion, only 2% of all patents are involved in those transactions.


    IPwe created the first platform for the world’s patent ecosystem, connecting buyers and sellers of patents and patent-related services, creating a tradable asset.




    Building a sustainable future by nurturing our connection with nature, community, and shared abundance.


    We are building a global network of surfboard rental and storage lockers that make it easier to access the ocean and what it has to offer. Book a beachside locker to store your boards or subscribe to our rental platform to gain access to a statewide quiver of surfboards.






    Market leader in California, Papa & Barkley tapped Peg to penetrate the New York marketplace. Utilizing her knowledge of the city, vast connections & integrated marketing approach.


    Papa & Barkley was founded by caring for those we love. We make sure to deliver natural, clean and effective products for you and your family. All of our products are made with premium USA grown hemp in a patented process that uses only heat, water and pressure, resulting in full-spectrum oil that contains all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients of the hemp plant.



    Peg is a Communications & Strategic Advisor to Swarm (a Blockchain Company). She helps oversee Marketing, Communications + PR.

    Swarm provides Tokenization. SWARM's tokenization infrastructure is an open, full-stack solution for the life-cycle management of a Security Token Offering (STO). We make token creation, configuration, fundraising, and issuance easy and free. Our tech enables issuers to manage post-distribution activities such as token redemption, dividend issuance, asset governance, investor administration, reporting, and communications seamlessly.


    "It's not often you randomly cross paths with someone you immediately recognize as a game-changer, a complete power-house of a person you want fighting on your side. And, that is exactly what I found in meeting Peg Samuel.


    Peg has an incredible capacity - effortlessly managing multiple, varied, and complex projects.


    She is in constant motion - connecting, propelling, driving, and delivering! What's more, Peg inspires others to leave it all on the table, to be the best at what they do. I highly recommend Peg to any business leader looking for a fresh perspective in the art of communications with the intention of driving influential brand engagement."

    - Tracy Thayne, Founder/CEO HealthDirect

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